Saturday, 6 October 2012

Silly Silly Girls: How to Satisfy Misogynists

Some new additions to the tidal wave of feminist-angering media are the advertisements for, a taster for the new HBO series 'Girls'. The first taster shows a guy having sex with a woman, when suddenly she says something to the effect of, 'by the way I'm a virgin', and he rolls off her and groans, 'uhh, this isn't going to happen'. Hah hah silly girls. The second advert shows the woman knocking on a guy's door; she supposedly has bushy eyebrows, though I don't see how there is anything wrong with them. Guy says, 'you look like a Mexican teenager'. Man wins again! Silly girl humiliated. Any man who'd be put off by virginity or eyebrows is a shallow dickhead. Yet apparently these are the mistakes girls make! Because we must be sure to live to please men.

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