Wednesday, 25 June 2014

What Causes Cellulite? Capitalism.

As the holiday season approaches we are inundated with endless adverts of 'sun-kissed', airbrushed bodies prancing on a golden beach. Note that we rarely see the model's face. All that counts is a glowing bronze body magically defying gravity as the models display their underweight bodies . With every jog the model takes, it's one step further from you grabbing your credit card. You are enticed to spend money on an overpriced 'corrective' cosmetic that cost pennies to make but will sell you the dream of feeling like a million pounds/ dollars. It doesn't matter what the currency is, as self-loathing is a commodity and your low self esteem is worth a fortune. These images are as one dimensional as the parasites who profit on women's  self-loathing and insecurity... But where does it start?

For many girls who go through puberty at an early age, their experiences of school life are highly negative. Young girls are often teased that they're fat, or 'look like a woman', which is the goal of puberty, surely? ! Prepubescent school girls look at  girls going through puberty with  horror and fear of what they will become. What do you expect in a culture that sexualises prepubescent girls and derides grown women's bodies...?  I expect NO! I demand  a change in attitude.  We are not eternal children. Nor should we expect or accept to be treated as children in our adult relationships. Look at this scenario: you wear a dress and look at your partner,

FEMALE: 'DoI look fat in this?'

MALE:  'No, you're lovely.'

FEMALE: 'You're lying.'

MALE:   'No, honestly, you look fine.'

FEMALE: 'Just 'fine'?'

MALE:  'What do you want me to say?

FEMALE: 'I am  fat, look at the cellulite on my thighs...'

 MALE: 'Will you stop it!'

See, it takes a paternal figure to discipline the hovering child in us. We need to break away  from childlike enactments for approval from the man in our life. Men love your cellulite, men do not have a problem with the way you look. It's how you are made to feel by other woman. It comes as no surprise that one of the biggest scrutinizers of women's bodies are women.  We live in a competitive environment where women are reduced to their appearance and men to their status.
The biggest offender is, yes, women in the media, cruelly rating women's bodies. Just because  these celebs are in the limelight it shouldn't mean that the media can say what they want. In an insecure industry such as film, women's magazines take a pivotal role in heightening woman's anxiety and harshly exposing supposedly unflattering pictures. No female is exempt from this 'cellulite' agenda. Look at the hateful press that Christina Aguilera got once she grew up and developed curves. And poor Scarlett Johansson, one of the few actresses who did not resemble a 10-year-old boy, has been targeted with hateful comments by critics such as 'how could her boyfriend date her with so much cellulite, he must be a sociopath' No one's accountable for this blatant display of spitefulness  and misogyny. The misfortune lies in the heart of women who are brainwashed to think that they must compare and compete with each because men constantly  rate them.  Men don't get the same attention.  Our gender shouldn't be reduce down to our looks. We are not commodities.

Yep, we really need a plastic surgeon like him beside us, ready to snip away...
The whole concept of cellulite is a construct. If you want to feel and look good then stop trying to obtain a 'perfect' cellulite-free body.  Here's some advice that will enhance your self-esteem. Here are some facts that no ads will tell.  None of us have flawless skin. Our so-called imperfections are not a negative but unique to us. For every so-called 'blemish' there is a 'cosmetic solution'. Forget that. If it 'worked' they'd be out of business.

As women we tend to store more fat: it's nature's way of telling you that you're a girl. Every bump and dimple you see is natural. It doesn't mean that you are different to any other female. Since we live in a culture  that thrives  on your insecurity, if we aren't suppose to have this 'cellulite' then we wouldn't. Spending thousands of pounds, dollars, euros, to correct something we all have must be telling you something. Perhaps we are meant to have the 'C' word. It seems that young girls are defined from the moment of birth in terms of their looks. Girls are taught to rate and compare each other. If you fit into an idealised construct of beauty, make sure that every other girl knows your superiority, ensure that envy spreads around to the point that every female will waste a life deluding herself to aspire to a cultural myth.
I find it both sad and incredible that women wrap their bodies in cling film in health spas, designed  to mislead women that self-esteem can be bought. It's just another cold capitalist enterprise that's draining your money and fattening a manipulative company that thrives on your insecurity. Rethink the way you view those dimples you callously call cellulite. Try and appreciate that you are a sentient creature, unique in every way. If you tried to emulate these shallow representations then your own individuality would fade.  Save your money and spend it on some books that will enhance your intellect and outlook in life. Why waste your energy? Use your time appreciating what you HAVE. Enjoy your life, we're only here once.

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