Friday, 25 August 2017

Global Homelessness

Listening to the lyrics to this song made me cry. It's so poignant knowing the way workers are fed a false dream that hard work will turn everyone's lives into everything they desire. The reality is so different. In Japan Taylorism is a psychological concept used in work places that interconnects work and home as a family unit. As this song hits out its harsh reality, most middle aged men will end up in the streets with no provisions by the state. The successful aspirations of a worker is discarded like a piece of shit because no one is indispensable. As time inevitably ages us capitalism will always rely on young cheap labour because the young are malleable and easily comply to the ethos of a company's work ethic. But its not just happening  in Japan homelessness is a huge issue throughout the world.

If we look at the United States where 1% own around approximately 38% of the wealth while the poorest amount to over  90% its a sobering thought. People living in trailers, on park benches and subways robbed of a vision. We're only here once why should a basic necessity like a home be a commodity?

Currently in the U.K the youngest  people have been the most affected. Why? Let's draw parallels to the USA, in the U.K the top 1% own 24% of the wealth. The U.K is a rich country that is forcing people into foodbanks! I'm not just referring to the unemployed, disabled but working families and key workers such as nurses forced to make ends meet. I cannot accept a society that creates rich tax breaks for guess who? Right, the wealthy while the majority struggle to exist. What could be done?

We need to wake up and drop the notion of individualism adopt a collective compassionate society it will be in everyone interest. We also need to eradicate the oppressive policies adopted from the USA by Farrington that Tony Blair's government embraced in the 90s. Subsequently, this  destroyed the British morale and undermined the unions in the U.K.

 But as I've said, it's not solely a western problem, it's global and we can change things. If  multinational corporations  were forced to pay their taxes it would create a billions that could be invested in helping the most vulnerable in society. We need to ask ourselves why do governments let them get away with it? And why should the most vulnerable suffer from the greed of the most powerful?


  1. Homeless in Japan. How the 'dream is a Lie...'

  2. Labour used to be the party for working people. Names from the past come to mind. Keir Hardy, George Lansbury, Philip Snowden, James Ramsay-McDonald,Ellen Wilkinson, Clement Atlee, Nye Bevan, Harold Wilson, Barbara Castle, Michael Foot.
    Now it's been hijacked by a group of sad, soft handed reactionaries, Islington luvvies who are so desperate to be respected they pedal tin pot conspiracy theories that would make Truthers blush while the sheeple hurry behind them and top up the desperation pile with more and harder abuse in an ever increasing to not be left behind and be smiled upon by their cult boss Corbyn.
    Meanwhile, those outside walls of the pseudo Labour bubble are looking in amused disgust at it all and turning away to the Tories.
    If only John Smith had listened to his doctor!