Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rape Culture in Adverts

Take a look at these ads. What messages are they giving? Do you accept them?

That's right, I'm available even if I don't agree... A submissive object for your manipulation.

What can I say? The writing's on the package... Want to be radical? Don't buy American Apparel.

You know she wants it... and she's going to get it. Calvin Klein, another corporate, sexist, misogynist brand. Buy their products, if you agree with rape.

This is where you belong...I am your master, you are my slave.

Are we gonna have some fun?  You mean, I can have her, too?


I always dreamed of this.. You think he's big? Wait till you see my stack.  Male fantasy, me thinks and knows...?

 When will you realise, girls don't give a shit what size you are. An attentive lover is far more satisfying, than the size of your baguette.

This is his idea of a perfect relationship...

Guys, there's enough to go round. I'm here solely for YOUR pleasure. I am a pasive object, without feelings. Exploit me, you know you want to. 

Seen enough? What are YOU going to do about it? Fight back, lobby and protest. Don't forget these images contribute to your submission.


  1. We live in a male dominated world where mean see women and girls as nothing but property and sexual objects. Men do not see women as equal human beings but rather as objects to satisfy their sexual desires amongst other things. As disgusting as these ads are they should not come as a surprise considering the rape culture we live in.

    What makes these ads so bad is that rape is a very real thing that happens to women and girls every single day in this world. Rape destroys the lives of so many women and here are these ads encouraging it and making it look fun for men.

    One can only wonder how men would feel if they were shown in such vulnerable positions and also how they would feel if the raping of men was a frequent occurring event like it is for women? I doubt then they would be deriving such pleasure from these types of adverts.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Yes, it would be interesting to see men's response if they were reduced in this demeaning and degrading way. Interestingly, in Japan, there's Lolicon, an attraction for girl images, but the rates of rape are low. Personally, I find these images equally disturbing but, the Japanese male doesn't seem to have a problem shopping with mum and viewing these images. Subsequently, as women, wherever we are, we need to act, react and challenge these abysmal rape culture ads.

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