Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Sum Of My Parts

As women, we are often rated by our physical attributes. Why? Have you ever heard two men discussing that they have cellulite, or that their thighs are too fat? Why should you? Have you ever questioned why our lives are wasted with angst over parts of our bodies? Why does it make us feel good if someone says we have great legs?

Why are we reduced to this?

 Or this?
Or how about this?
Yes, I have a behind and breasts just like you… and?
Why must I be reduced to an object for your gaze and my passive submission?
I am a WHOLE person not reducible to my 'assets'. I am the sum of my parts. Men are not rated according to their physical attributes, therefore, why should I accept anything less?


  1. Amen. Very well done. I often wonder why so many women don't seem to care or want to become aware of this. We are programmed to simply accept this. Well I don't. I'm glad you don't either.

  2. As females, we're conditioned to think that way by greedy corporations, who want to sell, sell, sell and reduce us to objects. All women need to question the nature of how and why we're reduced to objects. Yes, some women might never ask themselves why some of their body parts are causing them anxiety or inhibiting their lives. When a women starts to question the very nature of the capitalist machinery that preys on our angst, then, that is the road to personal freedom.